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Dr Essam Yassin Mohammed appointed WorldFish’s new interim director general

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The WorldFish Board of Trustees has appointed Dr Essam Yassin Mohammed as WorldFish’s new Interim Director General from January 2022.

Dr Mohammed previously led the Blue Economy division at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

The board has created an interim director general position to ensure a continuity in operational leadership after the resignation of the previous director general, Dr Gareth Johnstone. During such a dynamic time for the organisation, the Interim Director General will focus on developing and delivering a new organisational culture that will help drive forward WorldFish’s ambitious research agenda. The focus will be on building the capacity and systems needed to continue delivering first-rate results at scale – with attention to inclusion, transparency, and trust aligned to the One CGIAR culture development programme.

Dr Mohammed has already been serving as WorldFish’s global lead on climate and sustainability. His strategic thinking and leadership have already positioned WorldFish and aquatic food systems as a key player in future climate solutions.

“Aquatic foods have immense potential in addressing malnutrition, lower the environmental footprint of our food systems, and provide livelihoods to millions of people living in poverty. Therefore, a sustainable and equitable transition to aquatic-food based diets can deliver a triple win for nature, climate and people,” Dr Mohammed said.

“WorldFish, as it has done over the past 50 years, will continue to work with partners from across the world to advance this promise into reality. We will do so by developing and delivering best-fit-for-context, world class innovations adapted for today’s fast-paced global economy and the climate crisis.”

Previously, Dr Mohammed was head of blue economy at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). He has almost 20 years’ experience working internationally, including in sub-Saharan Africa, (South, South East, and East) Asia, Latin America and Europe.