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Functional feed and preventive health: a necessary shift for the production of tilapia

The Fish Site and leading functional feed producer Phileo will be exploring the latest issues in tilapia health. Featuring tilapia experts based in China, Brazil and Southeast Asia, the event will cover a wide range of i…

18 May

World Aquaculture 2021

During WA2021 there will be the participation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and other international organizations. There will be multiple presentations, workshops, business meetings…

24 May

Blue Food Innovation Summit

Aquaculture producers, innovators and investors explore the opportunities and challenges in scaling aquaculture, while protecting and restoring the ocean ecosystem.

14 Jun

Aquaculture Canada & WAS North America 2022

A partnership between the Aquaculture Association of Canada (AAC), World Aquaculture Society (WAS) and the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA), the conference will bring key global aquaculture players to…

15 Aug

Global Shrimp Forum 2022

Established by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Shrimp Insights and Contango, the Global Shrimp Forum aims to gather 400-500 high level warm water shrimp executives including farmers, feed companies, technology suppl…

06 Sep

Aquaculture Europe 2022

Climate change, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, food security and safety, environmental pollution and waste represent important sustainability challenges for further expansion of European aquacultur…

27 Sep

Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers annual conference 2022

Scotland's shellfish growers gather in Oban for a two-day conference that's set to include a range of national and international speaker. The event is also set to include the annual quest to find the best oysters and mus…

06 Oct

World Aquaculture 2022

World Aquaculture 2022 will be held in Singapore with involvement from countries throughout the Asian-Pacific region and around the world. Including a major international trade show, it is billed as "the place to learn a…

29 Nov


Latin American and Caribbean Aquaculture 2023

LACQUA22 will be held in Panama City, a cosmopolitan, dynamic city, where the modern and the traditional come together to create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Aquaculture products are among the country's main export…

18 Apr