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The F3 webinar collectionAre “fish-free” feeds in the future for salmonids? Join the upcoming F3 webinar on emerging trends in salmonid feeds

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The latest in a series of webinars organised by the team behind the F3 Challenge, which is focusing on emerging trends with alternative feeds for salmonids, will be live streaming on The Fish Site on 17 June.

In this session, major feed companies and farmers will discuss the latest trends in fish-free feeds for salmonids, and present their successes, challenges, and what’s on the horizon to totally eliminate wild-caught feed ingredients in salmonid diets.

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Dr Kevin Fitzsimmons, chair of the F3 Challenge and professor and director of international programs at The University of Arizona.


  • Bill Cramer, president, Star Milling
  • Dr Vegard Denstadli, technical director from the salmon division, BioMar Norway
  • Dr Lindsay Pollock, sustainability manager for Cargill Aqua Nutrition, North Sea; Cargill
  • Dr Jesse Trushenski, chief scientific officer, Riverence

Farm-raised salmonids — including salmon, trout and chars — consume roughly 23 percent of the global fishmeal and 60% of the global fish oil produced, representing a major opportunity to reduce our global reliance on fishmeal and fish oil with more sustainable substitutes. Years of research has led to major breakthroughs for feed companies and salmonid farmers to greatly reduce and, in some cases, totally eliminate fishmeal and fish oil in salmonid feeds. Today, numerous alternative ingredients exist, each with their own unique nutritional profile and capabilities for inclusion in aquafeeds.

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The F3 team recently launched The F3 Challenge – Carnivore Edition, which is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of fishmeal and fish oil substitutes in feeds and will award $100,000 in each of three categories – salmonid, shrimp, and other carnivorous species – to the contestants that produce and sell the most “fish-free feed.”

Contestants who have submitted a qualifying feed sample can record “fish-free” feed sales from 1 October 2020 towards the prize. Six competitors are currently registered for the contest.

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Series: The F3 webinar collection