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Marine Institute Ireland celebrates World Oceans Day

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Ireland’s Marine Institute shared its celebration of UN World Oceans Day, a day devoted to the recognition of the ecological importance of the world’s oceans and the services they provide.

A woman harvesting seaweed.
The world's oceans provide goods, services, and employment opportunities upon which many rely

The United Nations World Oceans Day takes places on 8 June each year, and aims to raise awareness of the major role the oceans play in our everyday lives, and our individual and collective duty to use ocean resources sustainably. The Marine Institute Ireland shared its celebration of the day and emphasised the importance of recognising our reliance on ocean systems for many goods and services.

“Our oceans are a resource that we must manage and protect – they support diverse ecosystems, are a source of food, influence our climate and weather, and offer countless benefits to our health and wellbeing,” said Marine Institute chief executive Dr Rick Officer, in a press release.

“Ireland’s ocean economy employs about 33,500 people, helping to sustain coastal communities and marine and maritime industries such as fisheries, aquaculture, ports and shipping, technology, and tourism,” Officer added.

The theme for this year’s UN World Oceans Day is “Awaken New Depths” which aims to build widespread appreciation for the ocean whilst kindling new depths of understanding, compassion, collaboration, and commitment for the oceans and all they sustain, not just all that they provide.

Research organisations such as the Marine Institute Ireland are vital for the preservation of ocean health, whilst also facilitating continued sustainable use of ocean goods and services through activities such as aquaculture and responsible fishing.

“Ireland’s marine resources are central to many of the complex challenges facing society including achieving food and energy security, and adapting to climate change. At the Marine Institute, we provide the essential ocean science and knowledge needed to navigate these challenges, develop new opportunities, and protect Ireland’s vital marine resources,” concluded Officer.

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