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Aquaculture Project: Brazilian Aid to Gaza Strip

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
21 April 2009, at 1:00am

BRAZIL A Brazilian mission to help rebuild the Gaza strip through aquaculture education and implementation has arrived in Ramallah, Palestine.

In early March, during a meeting of donator countries held in Egypt, foreign minister Celso Amorim announced US$ 10 million in aid to rebuild the Gaza Strip, writes Alexandre Rocha of the Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA).

In the field of fishery and aquaculture, the project involves investment in infrastructure for fish farming, as part of the food security field. According to the minister, three stations should be built for production of fries (young fish) “to secure genetic material” for fish farming, construction of tanks for animal feeding, technology transfer and professional training.

Besides civil construction work, the project entails the coming of people to Brazil to undergo training, knowledge exchange for the improvement of the tilapia, the species chosen by the Palestinians, and assistance for the formation of farmer cooperatives. “The local output is small, after fishing in the Mediterranean was reduced, therefore they need to import. [Aquaculture] is an alternative for obtaining food supplies,” said Gregolin.

In addition to fish farming, the Palestinians are also interested in know-how turned to reusing the water in agricultural areas.

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