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The link between functional feeds and preventive health in tilapia aquaculture

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The Fish Site and leading functional feed producer Phileo will be exploring the latest issues in tilapia health in a webinar at 11am (BST) on 18 May.

The speakers at the webinar (click on image to enlarge)

Featuring tilapia experts based in China, Brazil and Southeast Asia, the event will cover a wide range of issues relating to these key production regions, including how functional feeds can help to safeguard tilapia health.

Phileo recently published a comprehensive manual for tilapia farmers and feed producers detailing guidelines and recent trial results demonstrating the applicability of yeast probiotics and postbiotics for the tilapia industry. It is part of a new programme that aims to improve tilapia gut health and support disease prevention strategies, the details of which will be explained by Otavio Serino Castro, the company’s global species manager.

The webinar will then branch out into a discussion about the performance of the tilapia sectors in the world’s key producing regions and the range of challenges that farmers in these regions face.

Han Han, founder of China Blue – the country’s first aquaculture-focuses NGO – will provide the perspective from Hainan, where she has been working closely with farmers to improve the sustainability of the country’s tilapia sector for a decade. China might be the world’s largest tilapia producer, but the sector is beset by difficulties, and the government is starting to prioritise more sustainable practices in a bid for the sector to recover.

Gustavo Bozano, one the most prominent players in Brazil’s tilapia sector – who is the founding partner of Aqua Lagus and PartnerFish – will offer insights into how the country’s tilapia sector has managed to grow by over 70 percent in the last five years, as well as what challenges it needs to overcome to continue this impressive growth rate and achieve its full potential.

Carlos Leal, a professor of immunology, health and diseases of aquatic animals at the veterinary school of UFMG, in Brazil, brings 15 years of experience of preventative veterinary medicine to the table.

Moderated by Rob Fletcher, senior editor of The Fish Site, the event aims to cover key issues from all these regions and offer practical advise to farmers, feed millers, regulators and policymakers alike.

As Otavio Serino Castro reflects: “This is about sharing best tilapia health practices from around the world and investigating how these practices can help to solve health challenges in the global tilapia sector.

“We’re thrilled to have eminent speakers from some of the most important and dynamic tilapia producing regions of the world to take part in the discussion. From the established tilapia powerhouse of China and from Brazil – the rising star of the sector.

“We look forward to an open and dynamic discussion and encourage colleagues from the tilapia sector around the world to join us and ask these experts questions during the Q&A that follows the discussion.”

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