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Scots and Danes exchange aquaculture ideas

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Representatives of the Scottish and Danish aquaculture sectors are working more closely together in an effort to grow the fish farming industries in their respective countries.

As part of Scotland’s plan to double the value of its aquaculture sector by 2030representatives from the Scottish industry were invited to Denmark to share their ambitions and to give an insight into how their industry is working together to unlock future growth. Meanwhile the Danish suppliers have organised a return trip, booking a stand at Britain’s largest aquaculture tradeshow – Aquaculture UK - on May 23-24.

“The global population is growing and the demand for sustainable protein is only going to increase significantly. Thus, there are huge opportunities in this sector and for businesses across the breadth of the supply chain,” says Elaine Jamieson, head of food & drink at Scotland Highlands & Islands Enterprise, a Scottish government agency that supported the strategy plan.

“Denmark is an innovative country with a number of key strengths within aquaculture, for example recirculation systems. Accordingly, we were pleased to accept the invitation to share our story with the Danish companies and in return to learn about the Danish supply chain and their approach to exporting, and explore international opportunities which could be to our mutual benefit,” she explains.

“At the network meeting, the Danish companies got an understanding of how the aquaculture industry can implement changes by working together because players from the entire supply chain of the industry is backing up the strategy plan and taking ownership of the plan to support the required developments,” says Martin Winkel, head of Danish Fish Tech Group, the largest Danish export network for suppliers to the global fishing, aquaculture and seafood processing industries.

“When we meet again at Aquaculture UK 2018, the Danish suppliers will have an opportunity to showcase their innovative products, proven solutions and services to the Scottish aquaculture industry,” he adds.

One of the initiators of the industry-led plan to double the economic value and production of Scotland’s aquaculture sector is Stewart Graham, CEO of Gael Force.

“Our key recommendations are to address the biological challenges like sea lice, to rationalise the regulations we are working within and thirdly, to innovate the supply chain with new product technologies,” he says. “In Scotland, we have massively underexploited the supply chain. Thus, we are interested in how networks of suppliers like Danish Fish Tech Group and their member companies work, what we can learn from them to help the Scottish supply chain and how we continue to form partnerships that can lead to benefits in export or investments.”

As part of the national Pavilion of Denmark at Aquaculture UK 2018, Danish Fish Tech Group aims to show how the Danish competences and expertise could support the Scottish aquaculture industry in their ambitions to create supply chain excellence for the industry.

“The Danish suppliers to the aquaculture industry covers the entire value chain, from solutions, services and equipment for the fish farms, land-based or off-shore, as well as efficient, cost-reducing, highly hygienic and sustainable solutions and machinery for processing of the fish and seafood. Furthermore, research and consulting services to the aquaculture industry,” says Martin Winkel.

Elaine Jamieson, Head of Food & Drink at Scotland Highlands & Islands Enterprise, and Stewart Graham, CEO at Gael Force, attended a networking meeting in Denmark to share Scotland’s aquaculture ambitions with Danish Fish Tech Group and 60 Danish suppliers to the aquaculture industry.