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New technology shown to reduce nitrites in RAS without biofilters

NaturalShrimp Inc has filed a patent for a new electrocoagulation (EC) technology that can reduce the nitrites in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
7 January 2022, at 7:43am

According to a media release from NaturalShrimp’s technical team, the new EC system reduces nitrites without biofilters.

person holding a shrimp underwater
NaturalShrimp developed the first shrimp-focused commercial RAS

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In a RAS, the filtration system must continually remove ammonia to effectively treat water and hold production tonnages of stock. Traditionally, a biofilter uses bacteria growing on a plastic media to reduce the ammonia first to nitrite and then to nitrate.

The patented electrocoagulation technology has proven its ability to remove ammonia within a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) before it converts to nitrites. The NaturalShrimp technical team has now discovered that the EC system could also reduce nitrites without the need for a biofilter in RAS that might experience a build-up of nitrites.

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"This discovery makes our Vibrio Suppression Technology, which utilises EC as part of the filtration loop, even more useful for any RAS suffering from a build-up of ammonia and nitrites," said Thomas Untermeyer, CTO and COO of NaturalShrimp.

warehouse full of water tanks
The EC technology can remove ammonia in the RAS before it converts to nitrites

"Our portfolio of technologies is quickly proving its ability to allow complete environmental control for aquaculture production. The Hydrogas (TM) and EC technologies have the ability to affect water chemistry and elevate water quality. Taken together, we are rapidly positioning NaturalShrimp for a compelling alternative revenue stream with the licensing of our technologies. We look forward to sharing additional results and opportunities for our technology as we continue to focus on scaling production of our land-based gourmet-grade shrimp."