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Blue Aqua becomes the first ASC-certified shrimp producer in Singapore

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Blue Aqua’s shrimp farming facility in Neo Tiew, Singapore is emerging as a leader in responsible farming practices after becoming Singapore’s first aquaculture venture to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification.

Blue Aqua operates an urban in-land shrimp farm in Singapore

The 1.3-hectare farm currently produces 120 tonnes of farmed shrimp each year © Blue Aqua

The ASC standard addresses the potential environmental and social impacts of farming, including loss of biodiversity, use of feed and water resources, disease management and effects on local communities. To become certified, farms must demonstrate that they minimise their impact on the surrounding natural environment, limit the use of antibiotics and adhere to social responsibility metrics.

According to a news release from Blue Aqua, its urban in-land shrimp farm has allowed it to both limit environmental impact and create value as a result of land and sea water limitations. The 1.3-hectare farm currently produces 120 tonnes of naturally farmed shrimp annually being sold to restaurants and grocery chains island-wide.

“At Blue Aqua our dedication lies in making considerable strides towards enhancing the sustainability of our farming activities while striving to attain the utmost levels of environmental and social performance. We acknowledge that transparency holds a significant place and we recognise the necessity to assess our progress in meeting our sustainability objectives.” said Dr Farshad Shishehchian, CEO & founder of Blue Aqua International Group.

ASC is among the most challenging and all-encompassing certifications available. To achieve ASC certification, farms must complete a rigorous performance assessment and meet over 500 compliance points. Aquaculture operations that meet the ASC's rigorous standards are awarded the ASC certification, which allows them to use the ASC logo on their products. This logo is recognised by consumers worldwide as a symbol of responsible and sustainable aquaculture practices.

“Obtaining an ASC certificate not only demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and responsible practices but also sets us apart in the marketplace as a leader in ethical aquaculture. With growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, an ASC certificate will give our business a competitive edge while helping to protect the planet for future generations.” said Hamoon Shishechian, ESG officer at Blue Aqua International.

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