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The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
21 March 2018, at 8:33am

The US Aquaculture Society, along with the World Aquaculture Society, brought together over 2,000 people from 61 countries around the world at their Aquaculture America 2018 conference this February.

The conference featured 624 speakers and 108 poster presentations from academia, industry, government and non-profit organisations. In addition to the presentations (given in 63 sessions over three days), the trade show featured 174 booths, offering up the latest technology and innovations to potential customers. The meeting’s theme was ‘Shaping the Future – Telling Our Story’, with an emphasis on addressing consumer perceptions and concerns about aquaculture.

Next year’s meeting, Aquaculture 2019, will be in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 6-10. It is anticipated to be even larger, with more sessions, speakers and countries represented. It will be hosted by the World Aquaculture Society, the Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society, the National Shellfisheries Association, the US Aquaculture Society, the National Aquaculture Association and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association.