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Steps taken towards sustainability and empowerment in Indonesian shrimp farms

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A significant step has been taken towards advancing the sustainability of small-scale shrimp farming practices in Indonesia, as eFishery - an Indonesian aquaculture technology company - announces a partnership with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) - a promoter and certifier of responsible aquaculture - in a move that also aims to empower farmers.

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Gibran Huzaifah (R), chief executive officer and co-founder at e-fishery, and Chris Ninnes (L), chief executive officer at ASC, announced the partnership at the Global Shrimp Forum last week

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Through this strategic partnership, announced last week at the Global Shrimp Forum in Utrecht, Netherlands, eFishery aims to support and elevate small-scale shrimp farmers in Indonesia. By extending assistance towards obtaining ASC certification, the partnership aims to foster not only more sustainable farming practices but also wider access to international markets for these farmers.

One of the key aims of this collaboration is to enhance the understanding and acceptance of ASC standards within the Indonesian shrimp industry. By aiming to raise awareness about ASC's rigorous sustainability criteria, the Indonesian industry as a whole is poised to improve its relevance and competitiveness in the more discerning global marketplace, according to eFishery.

eFishery will also work together with ASC to identify opportunities and develop mechanisms to link eFishery’s data collection systems to a digital audit process that enhances efficiency and transparency. This innovative approach aims to not only streamline the auditing process of the ASC certification, but also provide actionable insights for continuous improvement in aquaculture practices.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council in ventures that align seamlessly with our mission to foster sustainable aquaculture practices. This partnership is not only a testament to our commitment to Indonesian shrimp farmers but also showcases our determination to catalyse positive change within the industry through technological innovation," said Gibran Huzaifah, chief executive officer and co-founder of eFishery, in a release from the company.

Chris Ninnes, chief executive officer at ASC, also commented on the partnership, saying: “By signing this Memorandum of Understanding, we’re marking the beginning of a great collaboration which will foster innovation and best practices in Indonesia, as well as contribute to ASC’s development of a fully digital audit process”.

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