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Indonesian fisheries expo aims for global stage

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Ahead of the Indo Fisheries Expo and Forum 2024, members of the Indonesian seafood industry promoted the event at the Seafood Expo Global, held in Barcelona 23 - 25 April 2024.

Two people promoting an event.
Indo Fisheries Expo organisers promoted the event at the 2024 Seafood Expo Global

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In alignment with the efforts to promote Indonesian fisheries products in the global market, Napindo Media Ashatama - the organiser of Indo Fisheries 2024 Expo and Forum - participated in the 2024 Seafood Expo Global alongside members of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The expo served as a platform for Indonesian fisheries stakeholders to showcase their high-quality products and explore opportunities for export and market expansion.

Napindo Media's presence at the Seafood Expo Global in Spain served multiple purposes. Firstly, it allowed the company to conduct benchmarking activities and gather insights into the latest trends and practices in the global seafood industry. Secondly, it provided an opportunity to promote the company’s own upcoming event, the Indo Fisheries 2024 Expo and Forum, to an international audience.

“Participating in the international expo underscores our commitment to facilitating the growth of Indonesia's fisheries industry and promoting our upcoming Indo Fisheries 2024 Expo and Forum," said Arya Seta, managing director at Napindo Media, in a press release from the company.

"We believe that by leveraging the expertise and resources of both Indo Fisheries and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, we can further enhance Indonesia's presence in the global seafood market and create valuable opportunities for our stakeholders,” they added.

The Indo Fisheries 2024 Expo and Forum is scheduled to take place 17 - 19 July 2024 at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia. The organisers hope that the event will serve as a bridge between the international community and Indonesia’s thriving industry, aiming to facilitate trade, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer to further develop and sustain these industries.

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