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US - The aquaculture industry has to overcome many challenges, such as managing disease outbreaks and maintaining environmental sustainability, to maintain and improve its profitability.

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Pathogenic bacteria are responsible for most of the diseases affecting aquaculture, resulting in reduced economic returns.

Aquaculture is also highly dependent on environmental sustainability since water is a sensitive element and the possibility of water pollution is indeed high.

The most important pollution issues are nitrogen compounds (NH4, NO2 and NO3 in anaerobic or aerobic conditions) and sulfur compounds (SH2 in anaerobic conditions) in the bottom soil of pond.

These challenges necessitate innovative and practical solutions, to maintain profitability of the operation.

Probiotics have been effectively used to counteract pathogenic bacterial diseases in aquaculture. The performance of probiotic strains depend on their efficiency in pathogen control, competitive exclusion and production of antimicrobial substances.

Biomin's AquaStar® products stabilise water quality, improve pond bottom quality and support the gut health of fish and shrimp, thereby improving performance and efficiency in production.

The Aquastar product line is the result of innovative and intensive research focused on managing fish disease outbreaks and maintaining environmental sustainability.

A diverse range of aerobic and facultative anaerobic strains present in the Aquastar product line (Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp., Thiobacillus spp., Pediococcus spp., Paracoccus spp., Enterococcus spp.), together with a high concentration (cfu/kg) of strains, offer an integral solution to today’s challenges such as pathogen control and bioremediation of environment.

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