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Another Wave Of Fish Kill Expected

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PHILIPPINES - The latest update from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) warns that another episode of fish kill is likely in Lake Taal due to low levels of dissolved oxygen.

BFAR authorities have identified four areas of Lake Taal where the level of dissolved oxygen (DO) is low. The areas are as follows:

  1. Agoncillo
  2. Laurel
  3. San Nicolas
  4. Talisay

The lowest DO resitered in the latest survey was at San Nicolas, measuring one part per million (PPM). This is a crically low level when compared to the optimum level for bangus farming, which is six PPM.

Fish mortalities are therefore expected in these areas.

BFAR is advising farmers to either harvest immediately, if stocks are nearing harvestable sizes, or to move their fish cages to areas with a higher DO level.

BFAR Director, Asis G. Perez, ensured that technical teams will continue to monitor the areas and are urging affected fish farmers to move their fish cages into areas with a high DO level.

In addition, the 50 pumps lent by the Department of Agriculture are currently operating in these waters to improve water aeration.

It was also noted that a Quick Reaction Team will be visiting the areas affected in order to help with the proper disposal of dead spoiled fish to prevent any from reaching the market.

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