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Yueh Chyang Canned Food - Reduced Export to Europe

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VIET NAM - Seafood export turnover in the first nine months of this year for the Canned Viet Cuong company (Yueh Chyang Canned Food) is about 56 million, of which exports to the US counted for about 60 per cent.

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Europe currently accounts for 30 per cent of the market share, down five per cent compared to the same period last year, primarily due to lower commodity crab as raw material for processing in the country, writes Ngoc Thuy of VASEP.

Meanwhile, the company's seafood export to Asia and the Middle East rose by about five per cent. Currently two market areas account for 10 per cent of the total export turnover of the company.

Of own canned goods, the US now accounts for 70 per cent of total export value to pasteurised products including crab meat, tuna and oysters, while Europe accounts for nearly 30 per cent of the products, which are mainly meat UHT and pasteurised crab.

Canned crabs and clams are increasingly popular with consumers in the world not only because of its nutritional value, but also because this product is clean and fits to the hygienic standards of the EU and US.

Also, with modern technology, canned seafood products are always shipped with the company's eye-catching form, convenient to use, long-term preservation while ensuring the nutrient content in products is not lost.