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VIV Asia, Aquatic Asia 2013: Biofloc Farming Improves Shrimp Production

15 March 2013, at 12:00am

THAILAND - A talk by Dr Nyan Taw, Blue Archipelago Berhad Farm, Malaysia, at VIV Asia 2013 demonstrated how biofloc technology can be used successfully in shrimp aquaculture, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor, live from Bangkok, Thailand.

Biofloc is an aquacultue system which does not require water exchange and is defined as a macroagregate, as it is made up of organic matter.

The technogy first originated in tilapia farming in Israel and has now also been applied to the farming of shrimp in Indoneasia and Thailand.

Mr Naw noted that biofloc technology is good for shrimp farming as it impoves growth and saves money, acting as a sustainable option for low cost production.

Biofloc technology is able to help shrimp to grow 10 to 15 per cent faster and research has also found that it may enhance immune activity.

A as good source of protein, bifloc can be used to provide 35-50 per cent of protein for the shrimp diet, and offers a good feed conversion ratio of 1.1 to 1.3.

The increase in production and better growth means more profit can be generated. Money is also saved through it being more energy efficient, as it does not require a water pump or water exchange.

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