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Video Spells out Economics of Cablevey Feeding Systems

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US - Fish feeding systems manufacturer, Cablevey, has launched a new video advising fish farmers on the best way to make the most of their businesses.

The cartoon video advises fish farmers that to ensure they can make a profit, the must "make sure the dollars spent equal the dollars earned - and then some".

The advice runs through the finances of feeding fish to ensure that the most economical feeding system is employed.

"You can't leave how much or how often you feed fish to chance," the video says.

The cartoon looks at the cost of the feed, the labour costs and the man hours employed to feed fish on a farm by hand and it then analyses the costs of using an automated feeding system.

Through the video, Cablevey shows that it is possible to make considerable savings using a Cablevey Feeding System both in time and money - savings enough to swiftly pay for the system and allow for more investment in the business.

The video is also accompanied by a technical sheet that can be down loaded from

The Cablevey video can be viewed by clicking here.