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US - Two water quality innovations from Keeton Industries Pond Toss and Shrimp Shield are helping producers maximise yield and increase profitability.

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“Maintaining good water quality is one of the most important factors in raising shellfish, finfish and other aquatic organisms,” said Luke Keeton, Keeton Industries Head of Research.

“Our water quality products help producers reach the goal of creating a healthy environment for aquaculture species and provide an innovative edge over their competition, offering the latest, most cost-effective technology available.”

Through its unique patented formula, Pond Toss combines the industry’s best probiotic and water conditioning bacteria into one formula, creating improved water quality beneficial to fish health and growth. It creates a natural Bio-Floc while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. And it even digests organic solids and bottom sludge.

Dosing is easy – you can literally toss in the appropriate packages for your size fishpond, and the bags dissolve in less than a minute, releasing their contents quickly near the surface for rapid and convenient dispersal.

Shrimp Shield contains a freeze dried biological formula of natural microbes, enzymes, micronutrients and amino acids on a special carrier, which is designed to improve microbial growth rates when applied to shrimp ponds. Like Pond Toss, Shrimp Shield improves shrimp growth, survival and feed conversion rates. Its water conditioning microbes also reduce ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, while digesting organic sludge.

Shrimp Shield also improves disease resistance and limits the risks of Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, Streptococcus, Allococcus, Myxobacterium, Columnaris ESC and other gram-negative pathogens.

See for yourself how Shrimp Shield disperses in the pond.

With both Pond Toss and Shrimp Shield, your operation will see improved survival and growth rates resulting in increased profits for your operation.

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