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Thai Union launches new store and brand in Portugal

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Leading seafood producer Thai Union has launched a new factory store, brand and product range in Peniche on Portugal’s west coast that draws on the region’s “vibrant community of surfers”.

Thai Union executives and dignitaries inaugurate the new Peniche Can by Thai Union factory store in Portugal

© Thai Union

Thai Union – via its subsidiary European Seafood Investment Portugal (ESIP) – has opened a new factory store in Portugal called Peniche Can by Thai Union, which will sell ESIP’s new brand creation Peniche Can Surf, a selection of tuna salads that speaks to the region’s surfing community, along with other ESIP products that are exported to three continents.

João Santos, plant manager at ESIP, said in a press release: “Our brand-new factory store and our new brand, Peniche Can by Thai Union, with its Peniche Can Surf range of products are a celebration of Peniche as a playground for surfers from Portugal and all over the world. Our store is right next to the beach and at the heart of our community. We’re all proud to live and work here and our Peniche Can store will show people from near and far that we’re responsibly producing seafood products that make their way all over the world – from right here in Peniche.”

Sven Massen, Europe operations director at parent company Thai Union, added: “ESIP is an important pillar of the Leiria district’s economy, and it’s one of our most versatile plants in Europe. We’re employing over 850 people from Peniche and the surrounding area, so this store and our new brand, Peniche Can, is our way of sharing our passion for seafood with the community and with the people in Portugal.”

The Peniche Can Surf product range starts with a selection of tuna salads and will be available at the new Peniche Can by Thai Union store and nationwide via the company’s website.