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Success for 7th Straits Fuzhou International Fishery

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CHINA- On 15 - 17 September, ATO Guangzhou led a delegation of export association representatives and Guangzhou US seafood traders to the 7th Strait Fuzhou International Fisheries Expo in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

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It is the second largest fisheries exhibition in Mainland China and the largest in South China and Hong Kong.

More than 500 companies from Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam and Taiwan attended the Expo, although Japanese companies were discouraged participation and denied entry visas.

ATO Guangzhou Director and staff attended the opening ceremony and visited the show.

The Fuzhou Fishery Expo also welcomed the first US pavilion that was donated to the ATO and Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute as a friendship gesture from the provincial Fujian Fisheries Association to encourage closer ties to local trade.

Exhibitors included the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Food Export USA as well as three seafood importing companies based in Guangzhou. The US pavilion featured salmon, Pollock, king crab, flatfish, halibut, box crab, Boston lobster. A cooking demonstration area was also prepared to debut exquisite Northern Atlantic seafood to Fujian traders.

A series of events were held during the Expo, inclusive of the China-ASEAN fishery investment and trade fair and the first Fuzhou International Goldfish Competition. Many ASEAN countries established large pavilions during the exhibition.

The Taiwan fishery industry certainly enjoyed the spotlight housing the largest number of seafood companies. Fujian Province is strengthening its collaboration and trade with Taiwan due to the proximity and the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed by Mainland China and Taiwan.

Various new seafood and aquatic products imported from Taiwan were showcased and created a buzz at the Expo, including penaeus monodon (banded shrimp) and concha haliotidis (small conch).