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Stolt Sea Farm Sole Certified Sustainable

10 March 2015, at 12:00am

ICELAND - Stolt Sea Farm S.A. has been awarded sustainable Friend of the Sea certification for its sole (Solea senegalensis) aquaculture.

The company is already Friend of the Sea certified for it sustainably farmed turbot.

The inland plant based in Iceland is composed of three units for the breeding of fries and two other units for fish growing.

Pools are cleaned only with water and chlorine, and no anti-fouling paint is used. No escapes may occur since the effluent tubes are smaller than fish. The company performs yearly water analysis thus water parameters are constantly under control.

The traceability process is electronically managed. Ponds are numbered and divided into units. All materials used for maintenance, from nursery to growing, are recorded.

“Friend of the Sea certification represents an important added value to our production,” commented Mr Enrique Corrales, Sales Manager of Stolt Sea Farm.

“We are proud to have one more farmed species certified.”

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