Shrimp Leads Increase in US Seafood Consumption

3 November 2015, at 12:00am

US - For the second year in a row, Americans are eating more seafood. Health conscious consumers appear to be helping reverse a trend that saw seafood consumption slipping.

After examining America’s nutrition needs the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee said families “should be encouraged and guided to consume dietary patterns that are rich in… seafood.”

While a recent USDA study found, “80 to 90 per cent of US consumers did not meet their seafood recommendations.”

“Increasing seafood intake over two years is a positive trend,” said Rima Kleiner, Registered Dietitian at NFI.

“The importance of eating more seafood on public health shouldn’t be underestimated, even a little goes a long way.”

A nearly half-pound increase in shrimp consumption solidified its place as America’s favorite seafood, while staples like canned tuna held their ground, said the National Fisheries Institute (NFI).

Meanwhile, the apparent dip in Alaska Pollock consumption is actually attributed to an increase in exports and a refinement of the consumption calculation.