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September 15 Crab Ban Ends

19 September 2012, at 1:00am

ECUADOR - September 15 concluded the ban on red and blue crab fishing, which was established by the Undersecretariat of Fisheries Resources MAGAP to safeguard the health of consumers due to calcium oxalate increases.

During the closure period, the Directorate of Fisheries Resources and Control made inspections in 21 provinces, located at strategic points nationwide.

Molke Alvia Mendoza, director of Fishery Resources Control said permanent control operations were carried out with the support of the staff of the National Police, Rangers and Navy ecological reserves, resulting in the seizure of 1,025 pounds of crabs crustacean flesh.

He said 895 of the species seized were returned to their habitat and 128 units and 30 pounds of pulp were incinerated.

The Director of Fisheries Resources Control announced that crabs can now be captured, marketed and transported normally.


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