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Scottish Fishermen to Receive High Quality Lifejackets

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SCOTLAND, UK - All fishermen in Scotland are to receive a free Personal Flotation Device (PFD) through a Scottish Fishermen's Federation project, supported by the European Fisheries Fund.

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Under the scheme, every fisherman in Scotland with the correct mandatory certification will have the opportunity to apply for the latest lifejacket - now known as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) - and get it for free.

The SFF will donate in excess of £130,000 via the Scottish Fishermen’s Trust and there will also be £10,000 from the UK Fisheries Offshore Oil & Gas Trust Fund.

Derek Cardno, SFF Safety Officer stated: “We are delighted at securing this EFF support funding, which along with our own money and the Oil & Gas donation, will play an important role in enhancing safety at sea.

“This exciting initiative is all about encouraging fishermen to wear personal flotation devices. The project goal is to raise the overall safety awareness in the industry. In short, we want fishermen to be talking about safety and we encourage as many fishermen as possible with the correct certification to participate in the scheme and, without cost being an issue, have the best PFD we can manage. Our friends and colleagues in the NFFO south of the border are running a similar scheme.”