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New Training Aims to Boost Tuna Exports to Japan

6 November 2014, at 12:00am

VIET NAM - Binh Dinh is taking steps to increase tuna exports to Japan

"We had a meeting with Okinawa Prefecture to discuss tuna, to find out specific measures to improve the quality and to promote the tuna brand in Japan’s market," said Mr Phan Trong Ho, Director of Binh Dinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, who returned from provincial missions to Japan at the end of October, VASEP reports.

"We highly appreciate Japanese experts from Okinawa on how to improve quality of tuna,” Mr Ho said.

Experts suggested that the existing trained teams should be accustomed to the technology before expanding the model to bigger scope. New equipments are now developed by Japanese experts, who will then train fishermen on how to use them.

Logistics is one crucial aspect that needs to be pushed.

Although it is not currently the main season for tuna, a vessel was appointed to go on a fishing trip.

Two officers accompanied the fishermen, bringing a thermometer to check the temperature of fish. This is considered as on-the-job training for fishermen.

Before the main season, Binh Dinh authority will organise training courses for fishermen in the pilot model.

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