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New Recipe Book Highlights Seafood with Asian Twist

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SCOTLAND, UK - Working with some of the best chefs in contemporary Asian cuisine, the Scottish Seafood Collaborative Group has published a new recipe book Seafood from Scotland, featuring 17 winning dishes from its recent Asian culinary competition.

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From teriyaki drizzled monkfish, sweet-flavoured shellfish and salmon sushi style, this book showcases the best creations of skilled chefs from China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, combining the internationally-renowned heritage of Asian cuisine with the best seafood that Scotland’s cold and clear waters have to offer.

Copies will be distributed to chefs in key Asian cities such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul via Worldchefs, a global network representing over 10 million professional chefs worldwide, in an ongoing mission to inspire and engage Asia’s culinary creators of tomorrow with Scottish salmon and seafood.

Stephanie Mander of Seafood Scotland said: “We are very proud to present this excellent piece of collaborative work. It symbolises the culinary friendship between Scotland and Asia and continues to strengthen our cross-continental bond while maximising opportunities for Scottish businesses.

“Scotland’s seafood industry is founded in tradition, yet focused on the future. We’re investing in the equipment, the skills and technologies to ensure only the highest quality seafood is fished and farmed from our cold, clear waters.

“With shoals of mackerel, whitefish and shellfish, and the world’s largest supply of langoustine, Scottish seafood is diverse, sustainable and the perfect choice for the world’s best chefs.”

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said: “The culinary competition provided an ideal opportunity to promote Scottish salmon to prominent and influential chefs across Asia. The sheer volume of entries clearly demonstrates just how popular Scottish salmon is to the Asian market and that’s down to the reputation it enjoys as a high quality, healthy and versatile product. Its success continues to create significant economic benefits for Scotland generating jobs and spending on supplies and services, enhancing economic sustainability of the industry, while supporting employees and the communities where we farm.”

Over 50 recipes were initially submitted and the best have been collated in this book. The featured dishes show off modern and refined cooking techniques and mix distinct Asian ingredients such as edamame, perilla and kumquat with quality Scottish salmon and seafood - blending the traditional flavours of east and west in a joint celebration of excellence in produce.

Mr Chan Hon Cho, Chef de Partie at Hong Kong’s Jockey Club and contributor to this book, says: “Scottish seafood benefits from particularly strong natural flavours that shine through when mixed with a variety of ingredients and used in different types of cooking. It is therefore an excellent choice for chefs that like to experiment and innovate.”

Also among the contributors in writing and editing was Scottish Chef John Watret, who has worked with Seafood Scotland on multiple occasions in the past and played an invaluable role in the creation of the book.

Watret remarks that “The book is a great representation of two geographies with strong culinary traditions coming together to highlight Scotland’s natural larder. It will inspire Scottish and Asian chefs to integrate aspects of both cultures and kitchens.”