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JEFO Launch Secret Fish Feed Additive Formula

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BANGKOK, THAILAND - During last week's VIV Asia JEFO launched their long-awaited fish feed additive which they say has the unique property of increasing the development of the intestinal villi, consequently increasing absorption of nutrients.

JEFO say that the product - AG 175 - is made of fermentation products and extracts to give it strong protease activity, which can improve the protein digestibility of fish feeds. The product contains a stable alkaline protease and is active on a wide range of protein sources, both vegetable and animal, increasing the 'in vivo' digestibility of numerous sources of protein.

"The stability of the protease in AG 175. has been demonstrated under commercial conditions, both in extruders and expanders, up to 121 degrees celsius, with a recovery rate of 70 per cent of the enzyme activity", announced JEFO. "Under normal pelleting conditions, there is no loss of enzyme activity."

Numerous trials in trouts, carps, tilapia, shrimps and sea breams were conducted at various water temperature and helped determine the best nutritional approach to using AG 175. Tests showed that AG 175. can be used to improve the performance of fishes and crustacea on standard diets. JEFO say it can be used to reduce feed cost (lower protein diets) while maintaining normal performance.

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