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Fish oil alternative for salmonids launched

04 April 2017, at 1:00am

ADM is offering a new sustainable fish oil alternative for aquafeeds, DHA Natur - a highly concentrated, non-genetically modified vegetable source of the essential omega-3 fatty acid DHA.

Peter Bergstrom, international business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition, speaks to TheFishSite's Sarah Mikesell about DHA Natur in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"DHA Natur is the most exciting product that I have worked with during my nine years with ADM," said Peter Bergstrom, international business manager for ADM Animal Nutrition. "We're opening up a new avenue into salmon and other aqua industries. It's a fully new concept that is going to bring significant value to the industry."

As the aquaculture industry sees global growth, fish oil will not be sustainable long-term for the salmon industry, he said.

"ADM now has a product that can be of significant benefit to the salmon industry," he said. "For salmon producers, it means they can create a healthier salmon. For the consumer, it is even more important as this brings an opportunity to increase the DHA level in salmon, and that is for the benefit of both you and me."

ADM has made a significant long-term investment in aquaculture and DHA Natur, dedicating a large plant to manufacture the product with a significant capacity to help the salmon industry.

To learn more about DHA Natur, click here.

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