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Expertise for Today’s Sophisticated Aqua Diets

Our team continually develops products and innovative ideas through internal discovery and validation at respected universities and through collaboration or partnerships with our customers. We offer the stability of an established feed ingredient supplier with unmatched global distribution.

ADM is your problem-solving partner with:

  • Global sourcing, origination and product-application assistance
  • Research facilities with aquafeed-extrusion capabilities
  • Superior research and development for customized formulations
Complex Proteins - ADM Animal Nutrition

Complex protein sources will continue to replace the limited and diminishing fish meal resources and terrestrial animal feeds. To meet the need for complex proteins in aquaculture feeds, ADM continues to expand its portfolio of plant-based and non-animal based proteins.

  • PROPLEX® DY: This proven, yeast based protein source is ideal for customers seeking a high-quality protein with low anti-nutritional properties. Proplex® DY ensures consistent protein levels (46% CP minimum) and lower price risk.
  • PROPLEX® T: Our latest innovation is ideal for those seeking a highly concentrated, highly digestible protein (<74% CP minimum) that provides flexibility in formatting diets.
  • Soy Protein Concentrates: These consistent, high-quality vegetable proteins have low allergenic characteristics and offer high protein (65% or 70% CP).
  • Amino Acids: ADM is a global leader in sales of quality L-lysine and L-threonine, which are ideal for fish feeds.
  • Alternative Non-GMO Proteins: With the addition of Harvest Innovations, Specialty Commodities, and Golden Peanuts and Tree Nuts, we now offer a variety of non-GMO options and alternative proteins for formulation in aquafeeds.

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Fish Health and Wellness - ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM is building a team of aquaculture experts covering a wide range of disciplines, from nutrition and health to immunology. Through research innovation, we are working to bring you products and solutions that address pressing needs in aquaculture while preparing the industry to face future challenges and opportunities.

Fish Health and Wellness Solutions – ADM offers ingredients and products designed to help support healthy fish.

  • Bioactive peptides and other additive compounds
  • Natural-source vitamin E
  • Direct-fed microbials
  • Novel alternative ingredients
  • Botanicals
  • Advance feed solutions

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Fish Oil Replacements - ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM has developed a number of plant-based alternatives as commercially viable options to fish oil. These proven alternatives add value without relying on wild-captured marine fish.

  • DHA Natur™: On a per unit basis of DHA, one metric ton of DHA Natur provides the equivalent savings of approximately 50 metric tons of forage fish.
  • DHA Natur™ Oil: High-quality, algae-based alternative to DHA sourced from fish oil; a rich source of energy and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.
  • Canola, Linseed, and Soy Oils: ADM has long been a global leader in production of these oils that are ideal for supplying a portion of the dietary lipid requirements of fish and shrimp.
  • Lecithins: ADM produces soy lecithins that play an important role as emulsifiers, dietary sources of choline, and in the absorption of cholesterol.

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Nutritional Solutions - ADM Animal Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to economically support a healthy, high-quality product. ADM can help satisfy the increasing demand for affordable and high-quality seafood products. In select regions, ADM manufactures complete feeds for shrimp and other aquatic species.

Contact us for more information at 877-236-2460.

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Feeding Your Aquafeed Business

For more than 100 years, ADM has been innovating ingredient solutions to meet an ever-changing world. As a global leader in agribusiness, we continue to expand our portfolio and our expertise to deliver the nutrition you need to succeed. It’s this commitment to innovation that makes ADM an ideal partner for all your aquafeed challenges.

Ever-Expanding Product Portfolio

ADM is your ideal source to develop and market nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. ADM continues to grow our portfolio to address today’s challenges.

  • Complex Proteins: Ingredients such as PROPLEX® DY or PROPLEX® T offer consistent, concentrated, highly-digestible protein options.
  • Fish Oil Replacement: Products like DHA Natur™ and DHA Natur™ Oil provide a high-quality source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, reducing the reliance on a marine-based supply.
  • Ingredients like CitriStim® may help the animal strengthen its defense against health challenges by supporting and optimizing gut function, gut integrity and body defense responses.
  • Nutritional Solutions: ADM provides amino acids and specialty feed ingredients to help ensure optimal fish growth. In select areas, ADM manufactures balanced commercial feeds for shrimp and other aquatic species.


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