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Fewer Escaped Salmon in Nordfjord than Feared

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NORWAY - Just under 2,000 salmon escaped from Marine Harvest's plant "Juvik" in Nordfjord after Hurricane Dagmar during Christmas. After extensive fishing for escapees, 547 have been re-captured.

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On the 30 December 2011, Marine Harvest found two small lacerations in a net on the Juvik farm. The gash was discovered during an extraordinary and thorough inspection in the wake of Hurricane Dagmar.

The hurricane did great damage in Nordfjord and a large ammount of debris was drifting freely in the area. It is too early however to say whether or not Dagmar caused the gash in the seine.

The farm had around 139,000 fish with an average weight of 4 kg. It was previously unknown how many of the fish escaped but now it is thought that only around 2,000 escaped of which 547 have been recaptured.

Marine Harvest has a clear goal of zero escapes from its facilities. In the period 2007 to 2010, the company gave great efforts to reduce escapees and this resulted in good results with few incidents and a limited number of escaped fish.

In 2011 Marine Harvest registered three major escape events before this event in the Nordfjord. This marks a clear break with previous years' results. Marine Harvest will make a new evaluation of the events of 2011 to ensure that the company can reach its goal of zero escapes.

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