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El Nio to Improve Peru's Future Anchovy Stocks

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PERU - The specialist and professor of Oceanography at the Universidad Agraria La Molina, Luis Icochea, has said that the Peruvian fishing industry should take advantage of the new marine species that El Nio will bring to the Peruvian coast.

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Although El Niño will make anchovy stocks migrate south, it will mean that from 2016 there will be an important resource recovery since the fish will be bigger and have more successful spawning, reports Andina.

"Seize El Niño, and new species entering. While anchovy will be more difficult to extract, biomass will be strengthened and will allow capture to be better in 2016," he said.

Mr Icochea also said that Peru should take advantage of the possibilities offered in agriculture from El Niño.

"Heavy rains are coming, then sow the plants that will grow with water. When the temperature rises there are plants that are better suited than others," he said.

However, Mr Icochea warned that the increased presence of rain could mean overflowing rivers so you have to take the necessary preventive measures.

He highlighted the government's announcement to allocate 3,100 million soles to prevent natural disasters, but indicated that it must be clear how resources are allocated.