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CP Sees Investment Potential in India

15 August 2012, at 1:00am

INDIA - Charoen Pokphand Food (CPF) of Thailand is set to invest two billion Thai baht (THB) annually over the next five years in Indian agriculture and food businesses.

Charoen Pokphand Food (CPF) set foot into India in 1992 with the establishment of shrimp-breeding and animal feed mills, according to The Nation of Thailand. The company now has businesses in six states around the country.

India still has plenty of room for more business growth, said Charoonpan Janesasta, senior vice president of CPF.

CPFs parent, CP Group, now has shrimp-breeding facilities, animal feed factories, chicken farms and maize plantations around the vast country. It will invest THB2 billion annually over the next five years for agriculture and food businesses in India, he added.

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The growth story of Nireus, Greece

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