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Company Envisions Big Eye Tuna Farm in Hawaii

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HAWAII, US - Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc has launched an open ocean seafood farming project focused on sustainably producing and marketing farmed bigeye tuna.

The project aims to meet a higher global demand for raw fish and tuna in particular without harming the planets fragile marine ecosystem by overfishing, reports FIS.

According to the news organisation, the company is looking to develop a 12-pen Ahi farm about three miles off the west coast of Big Island, Hawaii in 2011, where it will grow its own brand of big eye tuna, King Ahi from egg to market size, AP reports.

The estimated harvest is an annual 6,000 tonnes of bigeye tuna to be sold within the US and Asia.

Bigeye tuna follows bluefin in popularity, but bluefin stocks continue to drop throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans, tempting extinction.

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