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China's Fishmeal Prices Dragged Down by H1N1

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BEIJING, CHINA - This week China's fish meal has shown a marked decline in shipment volume from the previous period. Mainly due to the downturn in the market of pigs, pig feed has also registered reduced demand.

A recent report by said that traders are looking to empty their stock as soon as possible, setting aside space for late product arrivals.

As the H1N1 influenza epidemic spreads, the impact is big on the domestic pig market. Pig prices in some areas dropped slightly, making the recent market consumption of pig feed also decline. As temperatures rise, the market looks forward to the demand for aquaculture feed to increase.

Recently, the East China and South China shrimp farming industry has entered a critical stage. The demand for shrimp feed is expected to grow. In addition, the H1N1 type influenza epidemic has impacted consumer psychology, and as a result of this panic, consumers have turned from pork to the consumption of aquatic products, which works to support the aquatic products market. Aquaculture is expected to enlarge the demand for feed while helping boost small and medium-sized enterprises conducive to supporting domestic fish market transactions.

Weak market demand for pig has made fish meal market prices weaken. The attitude of traders will remain cautious and the market will stay weak. In the short term, the price for fish meal rising may be impossible .

Recently, the domestic coastal fishery situation is still not ideal, Anchovy resources are still relatively scarce and prices are high. As a result of less productive resources, local domestic fish meal is at a relatively low operating rate, resulting in fish meal stocks this year maintaining a low-level. This has not yet caused an impact on the imported fish meal market.

With the demand for aquatic products expected to grow, a new round of stock up will also start and the weakness price trend will be subject to certain restrictions.'s analyst expects, in late May, a new fish meal market will appear with new adjustments.

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