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Canada approves licence to Qrill

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Aker BioMarine’s krill-based fish feed ingredient, Qrill Aqua, has been approved for sale in the Canadian aquafeed market.

a krill
Aker BioMarine makes Qrill Aqua from Antarctic krill

These are processed directly on their fishing vessels © Aker BioMarine

The approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) was granted following the removal of ethoxyquin as a feed additive to the krill meal product and means that the Canadian aquaculture industry can now include Qrill Aqua in fish feeds.

According to Aker BioMarine, Qrill Aqua functions as a stimulant that leads to increased feed uptake and enhanced growth, as well as improved health and performance, among marine fish and salmon.

Aker BioMarine modified elements of its krill meal manufacturing process in 2018, which resulted in the removal of ethoxyquin as an antioxidant. The company also developed a unique vacuum-packing method, using extra robust material that exceeds the toughest UN standards, to secure the krill meal in large, oxygen-free packaging directly on board the fishing vessel.

“We now package our krill meal product under modified atmospheric conditions. We remove the oxygen from the produce and flush it with nitrogen, which then eliminates the need for ethoxyquin. The addition of nitrogen to the process required a new evaluation from the CFIA to show that nitrogen had zero effect on the nutritional values, quality, or stability of the krill meal,” said Sigve Nordrum, EVP animal health and nutrition at Aker BioMarine, in a press release.

Canada is now the last of Aker BioMarine’s markets to approve ethoxyquin-free product, and with this new approval from CFIA, the company has converted 100 percent of its production lines to the new technology.

“We appreciate the thorough process with the CFIA and its seal of approval for our krill meal product. Qrill Aqua continues to grow in its standing as an important, functional ingredient for marine fish, and we have large customers in Canada who have been eagerly awaiting the import of krill meal into the country once again,” added Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine.

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