Can the shrimp sector emulate the success of the Global Salmon Initiative?

7 September 2022, at 11:53am

The inaugural Global Shrimp Forum, which kicked off today, could help to create an industry leadership group akin the Global Salmon Initiative.

three people on a stage
Willen van der Pijl, Melanie Siggs and Esther Luitens at the opening session of the GSF

Chris Ninnes wasn't able to make it in person, but sent a recorded message

So remarked Chris Ninnes, CEO of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), who is also chair of the forum, in the event’s opening speech.

As he explained to a full house in Utrecht: “It was very much our ambition that this event should be about the sector and for the sector. Shrimp aquaculture in its many forms is of course crucially important for future food security, but it’s much more than that and this story is one that must be told to ensure the sector gains its rightful recognition.

“Of course, there are challenges and these need to be worked on. And, in my view, these need to be worked on collectively. And arguably these can only be resolved with collective national and international efforts

“I’ve had the privilege to observe the collective pre-competitive work undertaken by the Global Salmon Initiative. This focused on improving responsible production, transparency around production, collaboration to improve sustainability of feed use, to improve biosecurity and also better social responsibility.

“Of course, the salmon and shrimp sectors are very different, with shrimp being much more globally dispersed, fragmented and with many small-scale producers. But I believe the ambition is a worthy and beneficial one. One that I hope we can explore in the margins of this meeting. This would be an exciting initiative.”

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