BAP Withdraws Cumbrian Seafoods Certification

13 February 2012, at 12:00am

UK - The Best Aquaculture Practices programme has withdrawn its certification of Cumbrian Seafoods Ltd. following allegations that the company marketed shrimp from a non-BAP-certified source as coming from a compliant facility.

BAP Executive Director Jim Heerin said that any abuse of the BAP certification mark or misrepresentation of the origin of products constitutes fraud and can lead to legal action.

"BAP vigorously defends the integrity of its brand - upon which the viability and credibility of the whole BAP certification process depends," Mr Heerin said. "For this reason, the BAP programme requires robust traceability systems in all certified facilities."

In December 2011, the assets and name of Cumbrian Seafoods were acquired by Lion Capital, which is expected to carry on a significant portion of Cumbrian's business.

The new Cumbrian management said it has terminated any identification of product as coming from BAP-certified facilities and has provided assurances that it is implementing systems that insure misbranding and misrepresentation do not occur.