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The F3 webinar collectionAre single-cell and novel proteins the next powerhouse feed ingredient? Join the F3 webinar

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The latest in a series of webinars organised by the team behind the F3 Challenge, which is focusing on single-cell and novel proteins in aquafeeds, will be accessible on The Fish Site on 15 April.

The event is set to feature key players from some of the most innovative and promising companies that focus on the production of single-cell and novel proteins for aquafeeds. It will provide a unique opportunity to find out the latest progress by these companies as they look develop alternatives to fishmeal in the aquaculture sector.

Moderated by Dr Kevin Fitzsimmons, chair of the F3 Challenge and judge, professor and director of international programs at The University of Arizona, the event will also highlight breakthroughs in the research of these companies and plans for the future development and distribution of their products.

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  • Michael Cici, global pathfinder, The Scoular Company
  • Paul de Pauw, business development director – Feed, Unibio
  • Larry Feinberg, CEO, KnipBio
  • Allan LeBlanc, vice president market development, Calysta
  • Mark Rottmann, CEO, iCell Sustainable Nutrition Co., Ltd.
  • David Tze, CEO, NovoNutrients
  • Dr Peter Williams, senior nutritionist, Green Plains and Fluid Quip Processing Technologies

Further information

The F3 team recently launched The F3 Challenge – Carnivore Edition, which is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of fishmeal and fish oil substitutes in feeds and will award $100,000 in each of three categories – salmonid, shrimp, and other carnivorous species – to the contestants that produce and sell the most “fish-free feed.”

Contestants who have submitted a qualifying feed sample can record “fish-free” feed sales from 1 October 2020 towards the prize. Six competitors are currently registered for the contest.

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