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Dr Gidon Minkoff

Consultant, Fish Hatchery Consulting
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Gidon Minkoff, PhD is a biologist who has dedicated his career to developing and operating marine fish hatcheries. Initially designing and managing warm-water Mediterranean bream/bass hatcheries, he crossed over to cold-water species when the Atlantic cod fishery collapsed in the mid ’90s. Moving to Canada, he was closely involved in developing cod hatcheries and in parallel ventured into resolving the biological requirements for producing sablefish, for which he established and operated a hatchery until 2007. Always having an interest in tuna, he was hired in 2008 for two years by a Panamanian company to develop the technology for farming yellowfin tuna. Following that, 10 years ago, he returned to Spain and has since been involved in a number of tuna ventures – both as a consultant and as a partner.

Apart from establishing hatcheries, Gidon Minkoff operates consulting services to the hatchery sector through his company Teleostei Hatchery Consulting. The company started operating in the early 2000s and has provided services to dozens of clients on five continents. Since moving back to Europe, this has become Fish Hatchery Consulting, which provides an entire spectrum of specialist services. For further information, please contact him here.

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