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Will Viet Nam Reach $3.5 billion of Shrimp Exports in 2014?

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VIET NAM - Vietnamese Shrimp exports would hit $3.5 billion in 2014 if Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) continues to be under control, quality of exported shrimps improved and favorable conditions of main consumer markets.

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On 3 January 2014, VASEP held a conference on Viet Nam Shrimp Exports 2013 in Ho Chi Minh city with the speakers from Directorate of Fisheries, VASEP and My Thanh Shrimp Association and representatives from shrimp processors and exporters.

Shrimp exports of Viet Nam would hit $3.5 billion in 2014 if EMS continues to be under control, improved quality of exported shrimps and favorable conditions of main consumer markets.

A series of issues of shrimp industry in 2013 as well as outlooks for Viet Nam shrimp in 2014 were discussed in the conference, reports VASEP.

In 2013, shrimp exports brought high earnings for the fishery, made a great contribution to compensate for losses from other seafood exports due to economic downturn in many countries.

Through November 2013, shrimp exports created $2.8 billion, up 35.9 per cent over 2012 and are expected to reach over $3 billion for the whole year. Shrimp sales made up 44 per cent of the total fish exports of the country.

Opening speech at the conference, Tran Thien Hai, Chairman of VASEP said that shrimp industry got a great success in production as well as in export thanks to its victory in the US market and under - controlled EMS.

In the conference, stakeholders discussed on many issues of the industry such as whiteleg shrimp vs black tiger shrimp, enforcing the state management on raw shrimp quality and supply, controlling EMS and other diseases in shrimp farming.

Whiteleg shrimp is playing more and more important role in global shrimp supply, thus in 2014 Viet Nam increases vannamei production. Black tiger shrimp is still main species farmed in the country. Diseases and available good shrimp seed supply are challenges of shrimp sector in 2014.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is encouraging farmers to farm vannamei shrimp because of shorter farming period and high productivity. However, MARD also recommends farmers to follow regulated farming and stocking schedule.

High profits from whiteleg shrimp farming foster farmers to stock the shrimp in black tiger shrimp ponds that causes high risks of disease infection. There were also concerns raised in the conference on reduced production of black tiger shrimp due to lack of appropriate management and infrastructure.

Shrimp production in China and Thailand is recovering but it would be two to three years before their production returns to normal. This is a good chance for Viet Nam shrimp packers to boost their exports.

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