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Whooshh Innovations Launches New Fish Transport System

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US - Washington-based Whooshh Innovations has launched an entirely new system to move fish at the processing plant, farm site, hatchery, or dam through its patented transport tubes that use pressure differentials to whoosh the fish from one place to anothergently, quickly, and very cost-effectively, says company CEO, Vincent Bryan III.

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At the processing plant, where productivity is essential, the Whooshh™ system reduces the processors’ reliance on totes, pallets, ice, and forklifts—saving time, labour, materials, and maintenance costs.

Another benefit of the Whooshh™ system is that it gives processors the option of saving critical floor space by transporting product overhead. An overhead system of transport tubes has already been installed at a major Norwegian salmon processing plant, Mr Bryan said.

The Whooshh™ system uses US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials and outperforms the traditional conveyor belt when it comes to sanitation. Because the system can be cleaned and dried in minutes, plants that deploy the Whooshh™ system may find it easier to comply with HACCP and other food safety standards.

“There’s no doubt that we are challenging the status quo when it comes to processing and wild fish passage," Mr Bryan noted.

“Given the competitive nature of the aquaculture business, and the importance of wild salmon to the Pacific Northwest, we are excited about the opportunities ahead for this new fish transport system.”

The Whooshh™ system is currently being tested for live fish passage at the Roza Dam hatchery facility on the Yakima River in Washington State.

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