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Vinh Hoan Introduces Untreated Premium Pangasius Fillets at Brussels Seafood Expo

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VIETNAM - To meet the growing consumer demand for more natural, minimally processed foods, Vinh Hoan will introduce its untreated Premium Pangasius fillets at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, April 26-28.

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Most frozen seafood is treated by soaking in polyphosphate solution (e.g. STPP) prior to freezing. This causes the flesh of the fish to absorb water. Buyers often request treatment because they believe it prevents the frozen fish from drying out while reducing thaw drip. Some even feel treatment enhances flavor.

But, many consumers today would gladly forego any benefits of treatment to know that their fish is more natural and contains no added phosphates. Vinh Hoan’s untreated Premium Pangasius is ideally suited for this market.

Vinh Hoan’s untreated Premium Pangasius fillets are of such exceptional quality that their flash freezing process preserves a moist, delectably firm, flaky texture, and an absolutely delicious taste without treatment. The lack of added phosphates promises to be very attractive to the rapidly expanding market of health-conscious consumers.

“People today want more natural food options with minimal processing and our untreated Premium Pangasius fillets provide that along with a delicious dining experience,” said Nguyen Ngo Vi Tam, Vinh Hoan Sales and Marketing Director.

“With Vinh Hoan’s long-established commitment to sustainable practices, it just makes sense we would lead the way with this untreated option.”

Visitors to Vinh Hoan’s booth #5-553 can experience first-hand the advantages of the new untreated Premium Pangasius offerings. Activities will include live demonstrations by Paul Keasey, Product Development Manager.