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Unusual HAB Increasing Mortality at Cermaq Canada Farm

14 June 2016, at 1:00am

CANADA - Cermaq has experienced increased mortality (up to 10 per cent) at two sites in the Tofino north area over the last few weeks due to the presence of algae blooms.

For three weeks, Cermaq has experienced some elevated mortality at its Millar Channel and Ross Pass farms in Clayoquot Sound because of an unusual amount of harmful algae of the Chrysochromulina species.

Water samples tested by a third-party laboratory show the presence of Chrysochromulina as deep as 25 metres, which has made it impossible for Cermaq to use its usual mitigation methods for harmful algae (dropping tarps and pumping clean water from depth).

Such a large bloom of this type of algae is unusual, and something we have not experienced before, said Cermaq.

The species of harmful algae usually present at this time of the year are heterosigma and chatoseros.

Cermaq is removing the mortalities daily and is continuing to monitor the situation at this time.


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