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Tuna Weaning Trials see Success

ACHOTINES BAY, PANAMA - An artemia culture was started in preparation for the feeding of the larvae from the growth and light trials at Acotines Bay tuna facility, reports Alex Mhlhlzl, Oceanic Tuna, from the IATTC 7th Annual Workshop.

The weaning trial - which began earlier in the week - continued Monday, and delegates were told that some of the yellowfin tuna now seem to be taking the artificial feed. However, as there are still ample tuna larvae in the juveniles tank their preference for live feed seems to dominate their feeding habits.

Spawning was another success, with the collection of over 700,000 eggs. The almost guaranteed spawning rate that is achieved at Achotines is astounding.

While others around the world have struggled to achieve a sustained single spawning of any significance, I have been able to witness first hand the successes that Achotines Labs are renowned for.

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