Total Icelandic Fish Catch Increased in September

18 October 2013, at 1:00am

ICELAND - Total catch of Icelandic fishing vessels increased by 31.1 per cent in September at constant prices, reports Statistics Iceland.

Total catch of Icelandic vessels in September 2013 was 116,240 tonnes compared to 105,928 tonnes in September 2012.

Demersal species accounted for 46,800 tonnes, thereof cod 21,000 tonnes, haddock 4,000 tonnes, redfish 8,000 tonnes and saithe 11 thousand tonnes.

The pelagic catch was 65,000 tonnes, thereof herring 39,000 tonnes and mackerel 23,000 tonnes.

At constant prices the volume of the catch increased by 31.1 per cent in September 2013 compared with September 2012.