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Thai Union Signs MOU to Promote Fair Labor Practices

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THAILAND - Thai Union Group PCL and the World Tuna Purse Seine Organization (WTPO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a high-level framework of cooperation and coordination in ensuring fair labor practices.

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The MOU—which was signed on 6 December, 2016, in Manila, Philippines—includes the establishment and implementation of best practice on fair labor standards in operations.

Specifically, both parties agreed to:

  • Discuss, develop and craft policies and rules on ethical crew employment and fair labor practices, including training, social responsibilities and basic policies for sea-based operation of the tuna purse seine industry;

  • Undertake and agree to cooperate and exert earnest efforts to ensure the viability, completion and success of this project, and to adhere to the principles of good faith and fair play in all transactions relating to its implementation as well as in dealing with one another.

“As the largest seafood producer in the world, Thai Union Group is committed and focused on efforts of reform in the fishing industry and taken significant steps to promote safe and legal labor,” said Darian McBain Ph.D., Thai Union’s global director of sustainable development.

“To genuinely eradicate slavery, the entire industry needs to work together on sustainable and evidence-based solutions. That means businesses, governments, civil societies and even consumers must actively participate. This MOU between Thai Union and WTPO is an important part of that effort.”