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Sweden Takes Steps to Pinch Unregulated Imports of US Live Lobster

15 August 2012, at 1:00am

SWEDEN - The Swedish Ministry of Environment has voiced concerns regarding live imported lobsters from North America released in Swedish waters.

Sweden intends to ban unregulated imports and sales of live American lobster, mainly sourced in United States and Canada.

However, exemptions for importers with a closed system for boiling lobster will be granted. Sweden is now preparing a proposal to the European Commission and the World Trade Organisation for permission to impose a ban and hopes it can be in place by next summer.

American lobsters have been found in Swedish waters on several occasions during the past few years.

The lobsters found are believed to have been released or escaped from cages in the sea. This is occurring despite the fact that there already is a ban that prohibits keeping live lobsters in domestic water.

Sweden fears the risk of new diseases and cross breeding with domestic crustaceans.


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