Sustainable Seafood Day Addresses Traceability, Aquaculture

13 May 2014, at 1:00am

ANALYSIS - Future of Fish and Sustainable Seafood Week NYC teamed up to address topics in sustainable seafood that are critical to food industry professionals, writes Sarah Mikesell, 5m senior editor.

The event covered four key topics: traceability and transparency, the benefits of buying local and building demand for the entire supply of fish, creating value in fresh fish, and sustainability and how aquaculture can play a role in supplying protein globally.

The panels discussed the need to open consumer's minds to the idea of trying fish that they may not be familiar with.

Barton Seaver, panelist, chef and Health & Sustainable Seafood Director at Harvard University, said, “I don't believe there is unsustainable seafood. There's only unsustainable demand.”

Cheryl Dahle, founder and executive director of Future of Fish, shares the goals of the one-day session and key take-aways from the event.