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INDIA - Culturing Solutions, in a Joint Venture with Algae Biotech India, is breaking ground on a commercial algal production facility in Hyderabad, India.

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This project is a multi-phase commercial development. The first Phase will be a commercial production module using the PhytaPlatform, Culturing Solution’s proprietary tubular Photobioreactor, and the PhytaPond, its proprietary closed looped hybrid photobioreactor.

Phase I will also focus on the cultivation of Spirulina for the aquaculture, nutraceutical, and feed markets.

Phase II will start on the cultivation for Haematococcus pluvialis for the production of astaxanthin in a 33 hectare algal production facility.

In addition, Phase II will see the expansion of the Spirulina cultivation and the production of Chlorella to 10 hectares Chlorella.

This increase in production will be sold into the food and feed markets. A rapid reproducing strain of algae will be utilized for the production of Biocrude oil be means of Hydrothermal-liquefaction (HTL).

Biocrude is very similar to petroleum crude oil; however it burns much cleaner and mitigates carbon as opposed to increasing the carbon in the atmosphere, thus reducing the effects of global warming.

Culturing Solutions has developed a hydrothermal-liquefaction process that uses solar concentrators to convert raw algal biomass and other biomass into biocrude.

Culturing Solutions will use municipal and agricultural waste streams as a nutrient source for the biocrude production.

Phase III will be the construction of a biofuels refinery that will use algal-based biocurde as its feedstock to produce gasoline, diesel, and naphtha.

The projected capacity of the refinery will be for 400 million liters per year of combined biofuels. The algal production will use waste streams from municipalities and agriculture as its nutrient source.

These biofuels will be used locally within India.

Culturing Solutions, which was founded by Dean Tsoupeis, has been designing and building Photobioreactors since 2008. Successful installations include the countries of Australia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and the USA.

Algae Biotech India PVT LTD was founded by Srirama Raju. His vision is to bring sustainable food and fuel to India. ABI is commited to the good stewardship of the environment.

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