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Sustainable Aquaculture Feeds Explored at New Aller Aqua Facility

13 September 2013, at 1:00a.m.

GERMANY - The Denmark based feed company Aller Aqua Group has founded a new research and development (R&D) facility in Buesum, Germany.

The trial station, Aller Aqua Research (AAR), will be embedded into the Science and Technology Park in close proximity to the aquaculture research institute Gesellschaft fuer Marine Aquakultur.

The trial station consists of several recirculating aquaculture systems, ultra-modern laboratories for nutrient and trace element analysis, as well as equipment to target physiological and molecular issues.

With respect to the volatile raw material market situation, it is of increasing importance for feed manufactures to evaluate new raw materials, particularly for aqua feeds.

The innovative structure and set up makes AAR flexible for conducting comprehensive ingredient analysis and feeding trials.

The trial station enables Aller Aqua to perform trials with both fresh water and marine species under selectable environmental conditions. The concept behind AAR is to act as branch point, with an “interactive” testing process for new feeds at the trial station and in commercial fish farms of Aller Aqua’s globally distributed customers.

The foundation of AAR is a mile stone in Aller Aqua’s history and is a clear commitment towards customers’ needs for competitive quality feeds.

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